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My Works

This is my Project Page. Here is where I will show all my previous and current projects. I am proud to present the projects that started me on this journey and inspired me to chase my dreams.


In the Deep

This song is one of the instrumentals that I was really proud of when I created it I felt as if this reflected my real feelings at this point in time.



Empathy was my second instrumental and when I realized that I wanted to make music that reflects the truth of people and their feelings.


Far Away

Far Away, is my very first instrumental and a pivotal point in my life. This instrumental is what paved the way for my pursuit of becoming a music producer.



This is my album of my starting out instrumentals, I named it Sprout to show growth for when I begin implementing the techniques I learned while in school.

Lone Soldier _1
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Production Credits Documentation


Your Name: Jonathan Hollis

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Artist/Band Name: Jonathan Hollis

Song Title: Lone Soldier

Genre: R/B

Songwriter(s): Jonathan Hollis

Producer: Jonathan Hollis

Engineer: Jonathan Hollis

Recording Studio or Location: Home

Recording dates: May 1 - June 1, 2024

DAW(s): Logic/Pro-tools

Drums/Percussion: Jonathan Hollis

Bass: Jonathan Hollis

Guitar: Logic

Keyboard: Jonathan Hollis

Other Instruments: Jonathan Hollis

Lead Vocal: Jonathan Hollis

Backing Vocals: Jonathan Hollis

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